The idiomatic expression "precio huevo" comes from South America. In Peru or Chile, the expression "precio huevo" is associated with the concept of "affordable, economical, bargain, Off-Price and thrifty". When you say that something was bought at a "precio huevo" price, it means that you got a good deal, a bargain. In fact, the translation of 'precio huevo' literally means 'price of an egg', utterly 'at the price of an egg'. offers very high quality premium luxury clothing and fashion items at a very affordable price. Each product offered is On Sale that is to say, exceptional discounts on all items and give access to the best leading brands in the fashion world like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Armani, Billionaire Italian Couture, Gucci, and many others who make the dreams of our valued customers a vivid and tangible reality. Adding to the incredible prices at, this shop offers flat rated and fast secured worldwide shipping in all of its sales. will continue to innovate in order to simplify the shopping experience of our customers and get the best deals from reliable vendors and manufacturers that offer the best quality and value for your money.

The main objective of is to give to our valued customers a very enjoyable luxury fashion shopping experience and our logo is the representation of this fundamental idea: The joy of shopping amazing clothing and fashion products at 'precio huevo' .


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To do this, 1% of the net proceeds from our sales and also an amount of CAD$12.50 per month will benefit Seva Canada, a non-profit organization restoring sight and preventing blindness in developing countries. Proceeds given to Seva Canada will directly fund eye care programs. We encourage our customers to support this cause.

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